Norway Accounting. Standard kontoplan NS Developed by. Datalege AS & ZedeSTech. Please log in to comment on this module. Please choose a rating. Is Norwegian Standard Accounts Specification – Norsk Standard Kontoplan At , use for instance the search-term: Accounts; NS E is the. If norwegian standard Chart of Accounts is used by the invoice receiver, then NS must be the leftmost content of the account cost string.

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Information Consistency The different EHF formats mentioned above contain a number of common information elements supplier, customer, item kontpolan. Only numerical value allowed. Should only be used for description of the document content.

Картинки: Kontoplan enkeltmannsforetak

Oontoplan sure to remove any spaces before use. MUST be a valid Norwegian organization number. Users currently not registered on Github may create an account for free. CustomizationID is a string without spaces. The following roles may be specified in the format.

Kontoplan enkeltmannsforetak — Поиск по картинкам — [RED]

FOR nr Validation To optimize the flexibility in the validation process, each EHF document is validated in different stages with shifting focus in every stage. The exact syntax should be agreed upon by the two parties. Please note that valid here ne the validity against the implementation guide of EHF Iontoplan and Creditnote 2. An identifier requires ZZZ for schemeID and use of prefix for the individual identifier to define type of identifier.


Identifiers of same kind as other given contact information may deviate from the contact information. The structure of the string will be as follows:.

Issuer unknown, used for internal customer numbers. Example, electronic invoice B2C with automatic debit Avtalegiro. Mandatory Use This version is valid from NRS has regular meetings with other Scandinavian standard setters. These line level allowances and charges must not be calculated into the header level elements. The use of empty elements is, for the above mentioned reasons, not allowed in EHF.

Senders may not expect receivers to have support for non-recommended attachment formats except in situations were this is actively agreed upon. Use of Collaboration Agreements The combination of the ELMA registration and the implementation guides referred to in that context eliminates the kontoplzn for any formal collaboration agreement between the sender and the receiver. A few standards contain paragraphs for certain industries.

Examples of Rounding Invoice with 3 lines: A new main version will be announced at least 5 months prior to release.

English | Norsk Regnskapsstiftelse

EHF invoicing formats will for instance re-use elements from the Catalogue kontoplqn Order to ensure consistency between the messages and to make sure that the information from the business transactions are reflected in the invoicing documents. This makes it possible to implement an efficient and automated control of the invoice and the originating transactions.


Registration in ELMA describes the receivers capabilities. Your ref is often used for internal routing at recipient, and hence it 410 important to fill this element with the correct values according to the need of the recipient. Validator Adding information on how to handle non-recommended attachment formats. The element to hold the attachment information can be repeated multiple times AdditionalDocumentReference thus allowing multiple attachments.

A structured solution regarding content in the accounting cost string has been demanded from a number of stakeholders. The messages being exchanged within a profile are customized to comply with the requirements given for that particular business document.

Exchanging Catalogue and Order requires no registration in ELMA, and actors are advised to include the use of electronic messages in the purchase contract or to supply an collaboration agreement as an attachment, in order to link the electronic collaboration with the mercantile regulations and thus achieve a regularly revision of the electronic process.

Price and Line Amount Price given for an invoice line is price excluded any allowances or charges on line level, but allowances and charges on price-level is included in the price.