This Dark Endeavour. Apprenticeship Of Victor Frankenstein. by Kenneth Oppel The Dark Library contains ancient tomes written in strange languages, and. Victor Frankenstein leads a charmed life. He and his twin brother, Konrad, and their beautiful cousin Elizabeth take lessons at home and spend their spare ti. The Dark Library contains ancient tomes written in strange languages, and filled with forbidden knowledge. Their father makes them promise never to visit the.

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It’s not quite a powerful story like that classic, but it really got to me. Frankly I don’t see why this book had to be about Victor Frankenstein at all; it could have kennneth the story of any young, remarkable and enterprising boy raised in a well-to-do, enlightened late eighteenth-century European family, and the book might have even been better for it.

This Dark Endeavor, by Kenneth Oppel

I was not disappointed. Hardcoverpages.

I felt for him though. Jun 30, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: For one thing, he had to be arrogant enough to grow into an inventor of a monstrous machine.

Like Maybe the Year? I though it was unnecessary and so out of the blue that Victor suddenly found himself in love with Elizabeth ok whatever, dude. He created Victor Frankenstein’s early years and illustrated the reasons and facts, that lead young Victor to become the famous Dr.

They stumble upon the Dark Library and discover secret books of alchemy and ancient remedies. Such an unforgivable sin! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Stumbling upon a concealed library of forbidden texts on alchemy — initially a source of amusement — takes on serious significance when Konrad falls ill.


I have never read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. If anything, I wish the author had included more scenes where Victor and Konrad got along. When Victor and his friends make contact with an emdeavor, crippled alchemist, things finally get a little more interesting.

Other books in the series.

Nov 08, Rick Riordan rated it kennerh was amazing Shelves: The adventures are exciting, like those of a Middle Grade adventure novel. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. It is so much more than I was expecting it to be, and leads me down two distinct paths.

In this imaginative prequel to Mary Shelley’s Gothic classic novel, Frankensteinwe are introduced to a sixteen year old Frankenstein. On the one hand, it’s magical, adventurous, dramatic, and romantic. At oppl cost does the elixir come, though? You must understand that these books were written centuries ago. This was actually my third time reading this book. His award-winning Silverwing trilogy has sold over a million copies worldwide and been adapted as an animated TV series and stage play.

This Dark Endeavor | Book by Kenneth Oppel | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

At times I wondered whether he was entirely stable or whether he lacked the ability to truly care about anyone other than himself and sometimes he even made me a little uncomfortable. I haven’t yet read the original novel, so this is the first time I’ve read about him. To prove himself and others better than his perfect twin, jealousy and a love for a girl who does not reciprocate dqrk feelings, are dqrk fuel to Victor’s veins that nourishes his obsession. Examples include northern winds that brought with them “a glacial chill” 56a venture into a Dark Library during “the witching hour”and a map on which “[t]he lines of ink trailed into nothingness like the wanderings of an unhealthy mind” sark Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight All of his advent Yay for talented Canadian authors.


By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of kennethh. And as if their task was not complicated enough, a new realm of danger—that of illicit love—threatens to end the ordeal in tragedy.

Those must keneth the characters that leave an impression on me. One of my top 10 favorite reads of This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Admittedly, I don’t know much about alchemy, but following along with Victor and Co. However, I do admire the author’s use of mysterious, brooding language.

This Dark Endeavor, by Kenneth Oppel – The Globe and Mail

This should only take a few moments. He believes that it works without even having seen the slightest bit of evidence. There was danger, adventure, and deception.

I felt that he along with his cat was predictable and just a little kennteh eccentric for the story.