El horrible problema de un perro/ The horrible trouble with Hally Tosis (Spanish Edition) [Dav Pilkey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Category: Humor Hally Tosis was a very good dog, but she had a big problem. Hold your nose! Because here comes the dog with the worst breath in the world!. Category: Humor “Hally Tosis was a very good dog, but she had a big problem.” Hold your nose! Because here comes the dog with the worst breath in the world!.

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But can her breath save her from being separated from her family? I used this book for a text structure lesson on cause towis effect 4th grade.

Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble With Hally Tosis

Because here comes the dog with the worst breath in the world! Okay, so it’s tisis my favorite book but both my 5-year-old son and my 2-year-old daughter love it.

Just when the family starts to get discouraged, they encounter a group of bandits. It is funny– both the text and the illustrations. Before you haly an error, please consult our Troubleshooting Guide.

Also I love how Hally just looks so happy not knowing that her breath is knocking people out. He lives near Seattle, Washington with his wife, Sayuri. In Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey the dog inn the book has such stinky breath his family wants two git ridd off him, butt then he safes them from robbers and they finally decide too accept his stinkyness and keep him.


My dog’s breath could make burglars pass out too. Bad breath — Hlaly fiction. Nov 11, Allie Pitcher rated it really liked it Shelves: I tosie this book and so do my students. Hally Tosis has halitosis, or bad breath, talk about a memorable way to teach your children a complicated word.

I loved this book.! It also presents an opportunity to explore different smells, talk about which ones are good and which are bad, and could be used in a thematic unit about the five senses.

You may also like. In this book, Dav Pilkey of Captain Underpants fame tells the story of Hally the dog, who lives with the Tosis family.

Dog Breath! : The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis by Dav Pilkey (, Hardcover) | eBay

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Beautiful Blackbird Espanol subs. A short, witty, kid’s novel with great illustrations, that should be read and savored by adults one and all! Not going to use it for storytime currently only because I worry that the word play wouldn’t be something the kids would catch on tobut will definitely consider it in the future. I found this book to be a very creative way to teaching children about hygiene. This book most definitely can be used to teach children about hygiene and how it is very This hxlly is super funny!


The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis. Dogs — Juvenile fiction.

This outrageous book continues the tradition. In the end Hally is a hero dog because her breath is so bad it catches burglars. Jul 28, ABC rated it it tosiw amazing Shelves: I swear this book was written about my dog Dali.

Tosis plan to give her away, until she proves to be an invaluable watchdog. Seriously though, this book is great. Feb 25, Samantha rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I liked the picture because they were amazing and showed the dog doing funny stuff. Great Book-fun for all ages! City of Tonawanda Library. Jan 25, Ryan rated it really liked it.

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