I’m personally going through Segoe&Seigen Tesuji Dictionary – it is more of a problem book than Fujisawa dictionary – but I think it would be too. Dictionary of Basic Tesuji has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. 4th volume of Shuko’s dictionary. This volume covers life and death tesuji and endgame tesuji. Dictionary Of Basic Tesuji has 10 ratings and 2 reviews. Frank said: A little Fujisawa Shuko Be the first to ask a question about Dictionary Of Basic Tesuji.

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Section 7 is tesujis for constricting the opponent’s eye space. Walter marked fujksawa as to-read Jan 04, DougRidgway Added a bit to the TOC and reorganized a bit, to make the first paragraph make sense to those not involved in the discussion. Philip Dumala marked it as to-read Apr 06, In a book like James Davies’s Tesuji [ 1 ] you find examples of the basic tactical techniques, and you really need to be thoroughly versed in these before you can hope to enjoy Fujisawa Sensei’s dictionary.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Generally, there is one technique on each page.

Dictionary Of Basic Tesuji: Volume 1: Tesuji For Attacking by Fujisawa Shuko

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In fact, this is probably as good an exposition of go theory as you’ll ever see in a Japanese book and despite what Robert Jasiek thinks, they can do it. A lot of the content is the text. One thing that caught my attention, however, was that as of Apr. Now turn the book upside-down and do them again.


Trivia About Dictionary Of Bas Kohmab marked it as to-read Jan 19, Much deeper because they show more Tesujis and more complex ones but they come with a lot less text than in Tesuji by Davies, so you have to figure out more things yourself. It follows from this kind of use that it is advantageous to be familiar with the alphabetical names used on the top right of most pages.

Every now and then a whole-board position from a game is given. There’s a lot of dross of the “if Black plays 2, White plays 3” variety. Arno Nym added it Jun 02, Japanese Go Term Help Page. There is no “correct” solution, but rather an appropriate one.

Dictionary of Basic Tesuji: Volume 1: Tesuji for Attacking by Fujisawa Shuko 9 Dan | LibraryThing

Just for reference, this is a huge book, over pages long. Section 2 is the opposite: What do you want to learn japanese for? Now the Fujisawa work seems to be fuhisawa much more scholarly and thorough rendering of that whole ‘syllabus’, which has often been recycled through magazines and hack collections.

Following the list of methods in each section is a selection of problems, some of which are taken from classic problem collections: BUT, there are still many things in the tesuji dictionary that have a place in everyday life: Though the subject itself has been pretty well worked out, the results in it of individual thought do show through, as well as adaptation of the material to Western tastes.

Although I suppose it does train the eye to spot the very basic things very quickly, I wonder how it can help a sdk gain a stone. I am setting up a dictionxry especially for asking for help in translating Japanese go terms.

Fujisawa Tesuji Dictionary / Discussion

Dictionary Of Basic Tesuji: Section 4 is tesujis for living by capturing a form of damezumari. Michael Filipchuk added it Jan 10, I am now extremely curious about this book. I dismissed it quite quickly to go on to vol 2, and although I went through vol 2 several times since then I never even considered going back to vol 1.


The problems are interspersed with examples from real games. Section 8 relates to tesujis for seeking damezumari. Rock Wee marked it as to-read Feb 08, Coming back to this by following a link from L19, I notice someone has made a change to my text that I do not approve of: If you study a game and come to a point where you think that, say, a way of strengthening a base is called for, the Fujisawa book gives a long list of splendid examples.

I, but I’m currently taking way more than 10 secs.

You have to capture the whole black group. I’m aware of books by Shuho and Segoe that moved the subject along; but often a tesuji problem collection will rehash some old material that is in the public domain, with minor changes.

Sat Mar dictionsry, 4: After that, the material in each chapter is arranged in the order of the Japanese syllabaries, according to the name of the techniques.

Dictionary of Basic Tesuji: Voume IV

Generally, in this portion tesuji is used in its meaning of “way to play”, not brilliant moves. Want to Read saving…. Dan marked it as to-read Jul 24,