The Monster of Florence is the name commonly used by the media in Italy for a series of eight . The book The Monster of Florence: A True Story by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi casts doubts on the culpability of Pacciani as Il Mostro. El monstruo de Florencia: una historia real by Douglas J. Preston; Mario Spezi at – ISBN – ISBN Libros de segunda mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Terror, Misterio y Policíaco: El monstruo de florencia douglas preston con mario spezi.

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Monster of Florence

The result is a frustrated city full of people in need of sexual release. May 19, Char rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s true crime in that it recounts the series of murders committed by prestonn Monster of Florence” during the s and s and the difficulties involved in finding the Monster but the book is a lot more than that.

This book scares and angers in equal measure. Muito, muito presfon este livro! The Dark Side of Italy or An Innocent Abroad Douglas Preston and co-author Mario Spezi undertook their own investigation into an unsolved string of serial killings — seven couples brutally murdered in near-identical fashion in a period beginning in and stretching up to So that added to such an engrossing tale equaled one happy Krissy.

Spezi is the obvious major source for this book, with Preston playing catch-up. The investigation into the murders was seriously flawed, and corrupt. This book does what all good true crime books should do: The issue alone of two respected men of the Italian public ministry heading advice from a florencla who runs a conspiracy theory website is so outlandish that I still don’t believe she ended up being a key witness In fact, at one point Spezi was accused of being the murderer and put in jail — perhaps in an attempt to stop the publication of this book – which casts officials in a decidedly unflattering light.

Unless Il Mostro himself confesses and by now he may very well be deadthe truth may be hopelessly buried beneath conspiracy theories about organ-harvesting Satanists.


Logic and common sense are completely bypassed, as the circumstances pretty much resemble mpnstruo very, very black comedy. The Monster of Florence’s crimes were brutal and the descriptions of the murders can be somewhat graphic. But I worry for that American college student in Perugia an honor student from Seattle who’s accused of murdering her British roommate after reading the duplicitous nature of Perugia public prosecutor and his reliance on the occul Boy, did I waste money on this best seller.


His eight-year stint at the Museum resulted in the non-fiction book, Dinosaurs in the Attic, edited by a rising young star at St. A serial killer, loose in the hills df Florence, preying on couples parked in lovers lanes, florencoa a xouglas. Cheap things like this are especially irksome in the face of such a horrifying story. He meets a reporter by the name of Mario Spezi, and he tells him a story.

Antonio Lo Bianco and Barbara Locci. His friend, Mario Spezi, is an award-winning crime reporter, and one of his passions is the so-called “Monster of Florence,” who for over 20 years has gotten away with murdering young couples out for a romantic evening under the stars. I left the book without feeling I had any better understanding of events than I had already gleaned through snippets of journalism here and there, although I did have a slightly better command of some dluglas the minor details.

The Monster of Florence

The burner needs to be turned down on the boiling pot. The Monster of Florence Italian: Only no one would believe it.

I was sucked in from the very first word spoken by the narrator. Sketch of douylas monster of Florence’ Douglas Preston, an author of crime novels, moved to Florence with his family to write a novel. The Monster was a serial killer who stalked, murdered and mutilated young couples in Florence, Italy.

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston (4 star ratings)

The deranged inspector Mignini is using the same wildly inaccurate postulate about satanic ritual and sexual orgies being the motivation in that murder that he used in the unrelated Monster case and by which he scandalized dozens of innocent residents, all of whom should sue him for defamation of character.

I won’t indulge in a spoiler, but will just say that their logic is impressive and has me convinced. After graduating, Preston began his career at the American Museum of Natural History in New York as an editor, writer, and eventually manager of publications.

Nice people went into the beautiful Tuscan countryside to hook up and died in pain and terror and we will never know who did it because the Italians, willfully ignoring the FBI, decided for drama over competence. The motivation for this harassment was straight foward: The clues are scarce and investigative officers use this case as a springboard in their careers than trying to bring justice to the wronged.


He was later sentenced for rape and domestic abuse of his wife.

A great thriller disguised as a non fiction work. A first-person account of an odd few years? The result is this book, a fascinating tale about both the serial killer and the culture around Florence at the time.

Also incredible that the journalists are willing to put themselves on the line and name who they think is the “Monster of Florence. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Archived from the original on As Mario Spezi and Douglas Preston douglax through the evidence and become critical of the investigations initiated by the police, detectives start to focus on them.

After learning about the douglaa workings of the Italian justice system, the new afterword about the Amanda Knox trial, which was brought by the same prosecutor who had accused Preston and Scezi of various crimes, was simply chilling. Instead of satisfaction and mknstruo, it ends with a note of quiet resignation.

The Florence presented here is still a sophisticated and beautiful place that seems to have existed forever, but now it’s full of shady, grasping politicians, corrupt and incompetent police and carabinieri who stumble over each other like fools, and, of course, a serial killer who murders young couples and mutilates the women’s bodies. David Rice This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Doug and Spezi mentioned in the book who the killer probably is, even asking the killer to show them the knife he used.

Because the narrator Dennis Boutsikaris happens to be the narrator of Child 44 which was one of my favorite reads of This book details the investigation into a series of murders that began in and finally ended in