Dark Desiring / Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird – book cover, description, publication history. Find Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline, Baird at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird released on Mar 25, is available now for purchase.

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Four years later, she donates a date in a charity auction, and finds that Luke won the bid. The h claims she would rather die than marry the H, he says he only wants a shop worn wench like her as a mistress, but if she will move in with him as his personal tart, he will save the family firm. After they have bullied, coerced or entrapped their heroine into a wedding ceremony, dinner out at a local eatery and a movie on Netflix is fine, but until the h has said the magic words “I do”, nary a date will they ever get to go on with the H.

It has the older, obnoxiously dominating alpha, the tender, virginal, school-girl 3. Am I sorry I spent money on this? And this story is a case study in alpha logic.

So to solve this unfortunate dilemma, they allow the hero to abuse them, degrade them, subject them to public scorn and ridicule, and in some cases force them into selling their bodies.

He also kept in contact with the h while she was at school via postcards and eventually occasional visits. I’m still not getting how being thought of as basically a prostitute is better than having them realize you have feelings that may not be reciprocated. I am going to expunge the touch of your friend Claude from every pore of your body. Feb 09, Aarann rated it liked it Shelves: Sep 29, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: It made the dishonlurable pretty much perfect. The hero was average- I love how crazy he was about her but he did have his faults too.


The h is now preggers and she is very upset, the H just bullies and pushes and treats her like dirt and she loves propossl and he is a lying hypocrite too. Mindless, she wrapped her slender arms around him— she had no idea when he had shed his clothes—and her nails raked his broad back. View all 9 comments.

Jacqueline Baird Ultimate Collection 2004/Dark Desiring/Dishonourable Proposal

And he was faithful to the heroine even while they were apart and he thought she left him for other guys. Ships with Tracking Number! The book has been lovingly read and reread. Return to Book Page. Even now I don’t know how I managed to keep my hands off you. But when the h’s father remarried to the prerequisite evil Step Mother that the h did not get along with and who made the h’s father sell the h’s beloved country family home, the H tried to soothe the situation over.

They spent years apart hating each other, and that animosity only grows when Katy is forced into a relationship with Luke. Then the big explanations begin. And in this case, it is fueled by the heroine’s willful misrepresentation of herself and her refusal to tell the hero why she broke it off with him the first time. And I can’t even pretend he was banking on that effect because he truly believed she was whoring around while he stayed celibate for her.

Sep 17, Leona rated it it was ok Shelves: I call bullshit on how easy their main issue with the OW too. Which is the h’s childhood home that the H bought from her father when he married the evil step-mother because the h loved it and the father wanted to dump bad memories – the H even sold his own childhood home when he bought it.


I was entertained by this one reading between the lines, it’s pretty obvious Jake’s actually after marriage, only he’s too busy calling Katy a whore, so I get why she wouldn’t see thatbut it was really hard to like either of the characters. So he pretty much ended the relationship and did nothing on his part to redeem himself or mend it until she lost it and SHE was finally walking out. What makes Biblio different? May not contain Access Codes or Supplements.

Apr 12, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 16, Roub rated it really liked it Shelves: Sure he’s bought her childhood home when she was 15 and didn’t tell her but this is all sweet until The hero goes into I love alpha logic, I really do.

Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird – FictionDB

From a year romance collection. But he does hold off and waits until she is an adult before pursuing her, so kudos to you Luke. Jake lowered his body on to the bed, trapping her slender body with his own. After they both berate each other for not visiting the h’s now divorced father more and the h dishonohrable a huge point on the H’s tart shaming when she remarks that he is a hypocrite, as he certainly wasn’t the virgin she thought he was when he seduced her at 18 and he was