It is undesirable to disable these options because this reduces the information content of the disassembled code. Principally, disabling these options might be. General Information About Virtual Memory. If you load some executable module into IDA Pro, two files will be created into the directory, from which you have. Disassembling Code: IDA Pro and SoftICE,, (isbn , ean ), by Pirogov V.

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| Disassembling Code: IDA Pro and SoftICE

The result is stored in the destination operand location. BCDs are rarely used in programming nowadays; therefore, I won’t consider this topic further. However, there are also bit registers. Compare this byte to the binary representation of C3. I do not feel angry about that occasion anymore, although a feeling of resentment still remains.

These registers are also called the coprocessor stack. In this case, only the 4 least significant bits store digits and the 4 most significant bits must contain zeros.

Structure of the Portable Executable Module. Unfortunately, the regular patterns related to the codes of the registers in the pop and push commands are limited to this rule. Read from the DRn debug register.

Also described are the basics of Assembly language programming MASM and the system and format of commands for the Softtice microprocessor. Exception bits are stored in the status register. This copies double words from source operand second operand and inserts them into the destination operand first operand at the locations selected with the zoftice operand third operand. Thus, the self-evident identity is true: The regular pattern just discovered is not a random one.


For example, the first 16 bits of the eax register are designated as ax. Investigating the Memory Consider a simple program written in the C programming language Listing 1.

Disassembling Code: IDA Pro and SoftICE

Recall that when representing a bit variable, the 4 least significant bytes must be located at an address smaller than the most significant bytes. The least significant word designates the X coordinate, and the most significant word designates the Y coordinate. FCSH Invert the sign: Hopefully, you will easily derive the required algorithms on your own. This issue will be covered later in this chapter. Introduction to Disassembling 31 iret Interrupt return.

Packed compare for greater than. Because contemporary Intel processors are oriented toward operations over bit numbers, the best approach for the moment is to orient them toward variables of the same dimensions. Using bit registers is more efficient than using bit registers.

This selects the bit in the bit string specified by src at the bit position specified by dest, stores the bit value in cf, and complements the bit value in the bit string.


Clear the direction flag.

As relates to the address, it looks strange at first. The contents of st 0 are interpreted as an angle in radians. The main principle here is exceedingly simple: Recall the previously described fragment. A specific feature of this program is that it creates its own console, no matter whether it was started from a console or otherwise.

These commands cyclically shift all bits of the source oper and to the left or right, including the carry flag, into rotation. For the moment, consider the codes of bit working registers: For example, to convert the number looi. In addition, it is necessary to bear Chapter 1: This instruction stores packed.

Memory dump displayed by the program presented in Listing 1. Definitions of these data types can be found, for example, in the windows. Introduction to Disassembling 39 fcmovc dest, src Move conventional data.