aBsTRacT. INTRODUCTION: The Constant Score (CS), developed as a . centimetre “paper” visual scale both for pain and for .. Constant CR, Murley AHG. Home / Free online Constant Shoulder Score calculator The Constant-Murley score contains both physician-completed and patient-reported portions. The four . : Datum: Constant-Murley Scale. Schoudergewricht. Datum. ______. ______. ______. Pijn. – geen. – mild. ______.

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The Constant—Murley Score CMS was presented in as an instrument to evaluate overall shoulder function, irrespective of diagnosis [ 1 ]. Scoring systems for the functional assessment of the shoulder.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The assessment of shoulder instability: This evaluation was based on an article presenting a totally self-administered CMS tool. And finally arm positioning: For these reasons, the two burden attributes were conwtant per pathology group.

The evaluating measures of patient reported outcomes EMPRO tool was created for evaluating the psychometric properties of patient reported outcomes PRO [ 17 ]. As far as the different psychometric properties are concerned, responsiveness to change and reliability are of major importance to the clinicians [ 28 — 30 ]. Among the additional groups, various pathologies received 50 points and no score was calculated for healthy subjects.

Internal rotation was initially measured with the dorsum of the hand pointing to certain parts of the body, but in the most recent publication, the thumb was suggested as a pointer to the following anatomic landmarks: Level of evidence Systematic review.


When desired abduction cannot be reached, then the subject is given 0 points [ 13 ]. Conztant consent This is a systematic review study.

Free online Constant Shoulder Score calculator

Responsiveness to change is not usually evaluated in healthy subjects, as no change is expected in this group. A number of publications mention lack of information, as far as constanh methodology used during its development process, item selection criteria, score distribution, reliability and validity are concerned [ 2356 ]. Your email address will not be published. Administrating the CMS in rheumatoid arthritis patients has also been criticized; mainly due to the difficulty of an accurate strength component registration [ 25 ].

Conclusions The CMS use is advisable for patients with subacromial pathology. The Journal of Bone and Xonstant Surgery. Among them, better evidence was obtained for subacromial pathology. IRT item response theory. Discussion The CMS scale has been accepted and widely used, without ever being properly validated [ 241314 ].

It is important to highlight that the inclusion criteria were applied irrespective of diagnoses. The validity, the interobserver reliability and consistency of the strength of the tests are negatively affected by the lack of consensus on a reproducible measurement of force.

Constant Shoulder Score – Orthopaedic Scores

When the other shoulder has a positive history of a condition to the shoulder or is injured at the same moment, there is some weakness in this method. Arthritis was assigned Evaluation of intratester and intertester reliability constznt the Constant—Murley shoulder assessment. There are also gender-related differences in score and strength. Articles presenting information on the development process, the psychometric properties and the administration of the CMS tool were eligible for inclusion.


Conclusions The current evidence does not support the CMS as a gold standard in shoulder evaluation. Responsiveness of six outcome assessment instruments in total shoulder arthroplasty.

For every pound that can be carried 1 point is fonstant, with a maximum of 25 points.

An attribute and an overall score were derived per pathology. The concept and measurement model attribute, highlighted that data on the CMS development are scarce.

Constant-Murley Shoulder Outcome Score – Physiopedia

It requires the involvement of expert evaluators and offers standardized and comparable results. Glenohumeral osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; degenerative shoulder joint disease; avascular necrosis scalee the humeral head. The Journal of Rheumatology. This test has been shown to be responsive to detecting improvement after shoulder intervention in a variety of shoulder pathologies.

Responsiveness to change was the only quality to obtain at least 50 points across all groups, but for frozen shoulder. El test de Constant-Murley. The evidence was grouped according to the type of shoulder diagnosis.

A previous systematic review reported the CMS reproducibility to be acceptable in different shoulder conditions [ 14 ].

Contributor Information Kalliopi Vrotsou, Phone: Based on values derived by healthy subjects, the relative CMS is calculated as the constajt CMS divided by the respective age and sex-matched healthy values [ 13 ].